Friday, July 17, 2009

What about life insurance?

Life insurance isn’t a topic you hope to have with old friends over coffee. It doesn’t feel like something you’d think about at the end of a lazy Sunday afternoon. In fact, you might not want to think about life insurance at all.

Think about life insurance, and you start thinking about what you’re insuring against. You start thinking about how things end, your own mortality, and all the traditions and values you hope to leave behind. The more you think about those, the more you think life insurance is a topic best left for another day.

But life insurance is really about the financial future of you and your family. It’s about creating stability, securing benefits, and protecting their opportunities. It’s about making sure that your family keeps their balance and normalcy in tough times.

But most importantly, it’s a safety net. With most families today needing two incomes to get by, loosing one of the breadwinners can cause enormous financial damage. And your family will have enough on their minds without sudden financial obligations to worry about.

The best way to use life insurance is to find the right policy for you. In a lifetime people can buy homes, graduate from school, get married, have children, change jobs, and retire. Each time your life changes, so does your life insurance needs. And since each policy on the market offers a different level of protection, one major life change can leave your coverage in doubt. Even good universal life insurance may not cover everything.

Does life insurance sound like a talk you should be having? All it takes is someone to walk you through your coverage to make that uncomfortable conversation seem optimistic.

Call me up today. I specialize in different types of polices, each tailored for the different stages of life. Chances are I have a policy that will work for you.

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